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  • Toyota Corolla Perth: How to win at I Spy.

    Toyota Corolla Perth: How to win at I Spy.

    ‘I Spy’ is a classic car game for long journeys in your Toyota Corolla, especially when you’ve got the kids in tow. It is simple, quick and easy entertainment value, and doesn’t require any equipment to play. People in the Toyota Corolla in Perth take turns to say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with [insert letter]” and it’s […]

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  • Safety and Toyota

    Safety and Toyota

    Sina Car Removals, a car dealer in Perth previews Toyota’s Smart Stop Technology. Watch the video below for a brief explanation of how Toyota’s smart stop technology works, using the 2012 Toyota Yaris as an example.  The system automatically reduces engine power when engaged, which results in being able to stop the car faster. The smart stop technology is only engaged when […]

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