Sina Car Removals, a car dealer in Perth previews Toyota’s Smart Stop Technology.

Watch the video below for a brief explanation of how Toyota’s smart stop technology works, using the 2012 Toyota Yaris as an example.

The system automatically reduces engine power when engaged, which results in being able to stop the car faster. The smart stop technology is only engaged when you step on both the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time, meaning you are still in control of the vehicle and that the system won’t just kick in at a random moment. However, it also works when the accelerator is depressed a third of the way (or more) and the brake is applied – which is handy as it’s not always easy to take your foot off the accelerator quickly enough.

Toyota is consistently innovating safety features in its cars and this smart stop technology is simply another way for you to be assured of a safer ride. Whether you are travelling to and from work, picking up the kids from school or out on the road all day, smart stop technology is at your disposal. Safety is of the utmost importance when you’re behind the wheel, so it’s good to know that there are more and more safety features being implemented in new vehicles.

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