Safety Aspects to Consider when Using a Jack To Change Your Car’s Wheels


When using a jack to raise your car off the ground so you can change a tyre, it’s important to consider the safety aspects of doing so. After all, even small cars are made of some pretty heavy stuff, so you should always use the jack in the safe and correct manner when you’re deploying it – or you could end up in some pretty heavy trouble!

Jacks can also be used when inspecting brakes, but one thing you should remember is that they should only be used to raise the car off the ground, not to hold it in a single place. Never raise a vehicle unless you’ve secured the other wheels with blocks to stop it from rolling, and if you don’t have anything to use to do this with, park next to the curb and turn the wheels in so the curb acts as a stopper.

Similarly, you should make sure the vehicle is parked on level ground before you jack it up. One other important thing to consider with regards to the car accidentally moving is to always use jack stands to stabilise the car completely – especially if you’re going to be underneath it.

When you’re using the jack, ensure it’s in the correct position before raising the car. Once the car is up, use jack stands and then give it a few small pushes to ensure it’s stable. Once you’re done, replace the jack before removing the stands and gently lower it back down.

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